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3 Keys To Helping You Develop Happiness And Supra-Consciousness

Maitreya Rael: Love is Speedless (72-06-15) – Part 11 of 12 Asian Happiness Academy, June 15th, 72 aH, Okinawa, Japan.

On this fifth day at the Asian Happiness Academy, Maitreya Rael reminds us of one of his key teachings, which is to do everything „slowly, kindly and laughing.“

He then explains that these three rules should not only apply to action, but also to our thinking and talking. We should think, talk and move as slowly as possible in order to gradually stop thinking, the ultimate target.

Meditation is the right tool to help us stay in the non-thinking brain, the supraconsciousness. When we meditate, we are not thinking about anything at all. The slowest we are, the closer we are to no thinking.

Supraconsciousness, love and infinity are speed-less.

We are used to thinking quickly, speaking fast, moving fast… all of it has made our world sick. Even psychiatric diseases arise from the thinking brain, and never from the supraconsciousness.

So, slow down to gradually reach zero speed. The Buddha state is zero speed. Everything important in your life has no speed.

That is how we can change this world. It’s a revolution, a revolution of the heart.

*Please note that at the moment of filming this video, the voice of Maitreya Rael was not in a good condition. Even so, Maitreya Rael humbly accepted to talk to us with the same energy and dedication that he is known for.

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