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Breaking Free from Illusion: Discovering the Truth through Supra-consciousness

In this video, Rael Maitreya talks about the importance of living in the present moment and cherishing every second of it. He says that it is essential to be aware of the present moment and to fully appreciate it because we never know what the future holds. Maitreya reminds us that we are here now and that we should seize the moment. He encourages us to imagine the future and to ask ourselves what we will remember about this moment in ten years.

Maitreya also talks about his love for the people present in the seminar and the importance of physical touch. He says that half of him comes from the Elohim, and that the Elohim are looking at us. Maitreya encourages people to hug him and touch him and says that it is a way of becoming a part of each other. He reminds us that we are all one, regardless of our race, color, or sexuality.

Finally, Maitreya talks about the illusion of borders and nationalities. He says that everything in society is an illusion and that we should see ourselves as one. He emphasizes that from space, we cannot see any borders and that the concept of nationality is a man-made construct. Maitreya concludes the video by reminding us that we are all connected, and that we should love and cherish each other.

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