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The Truth About Fukushima: How Overpopulation is to Blame

In this video, Rael Maitreya discusses the current state of the planet, specifically in regards to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The effects of the disaster have impacted people all over the world, with radioactivity found in milk and food in America and Europe. While the Japanese government is being criticized for allowing a nuclear plant to be built so close to the ocean without protection from tsunamis, Rael Maitreya believes that the root cause of the issue is overpopulation. With 5.5 billion people on earth, it is not possible to provide clean energy for everyone with current technology.

Governments around the world are being called „criminals“ for pushing people to have more children. Rael Maitreya argues that this is the real issue, as more people mean more demand for electricity, and the current methods of providing power are not sustainable. The only responsible policy is to encourage people to have fewer children, as suggested in the Message of the Elohim.

Rael Maitreya concludes by warning that if humanity does not take action to address overpopulation and find sustainable ways to provide energy, millions of people could die. Future generations may look back and see us as foolish for not taking action to protect the planet and ensure the safety of future generations. The video ends with a call to action for people to rethink their priorities and consider the impact of their actions on the planet.

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