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Do schools kill creativity?

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Another excellent example illustrating that while “Attention Deficit Disorder” existed in his time, it would have destroyed a genius … The only people who should receive the medicine “of attention deficit disorder” are teachers and doctors who require creative children, which by nature involve “normal” conformist and children subjected differently.

Here’s the video of Ken Robinson who made a memorable presentation at TED on the development of natural abilities of children for creativity and imagination, and how our current public school education system works to kill creativity.

A few years back, Ken Robinson outlines his thoughts on education to the public. Robinson explains in a fascinating way his ideas, his vision of creativity and how we should rethink education as a real presenter. He wonders why there is no school dance, and why art is not at the same level as mathematics. Is it less important? Since that speech in 2006, has education changed? Have we taken some advice or inspirations from Robinson to improve the current education system? Do teachers still only stimulate one side of the brain, by throwing information that students forget a few days later? If there are so many questions, it’s that there is still much to do to improve the current system.

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