Forest island in Guangzhou

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This is the best picture to ask people to stop making children!

Self-taught photographer Harimao Lee‘s stunning cityscape and urban photography takes the viewer on a dizzying look at his hometown of Hong Kong and other Asian cities. Reading as commentaries on life, loneliness, and love within the urban jungle, Lee’s work varies from dizzying rooftop captures to moody street shots.

Lee was first attracted to photography through rooftopping, a risky practice where access is gained into tall buildings in order to shoot stunning imagery that often features the photographer in precarious positions. When friends invited him up on a roof to see the Hong Kong skyline, he suddenly saw that his own city was even more beautiful than he’d realized. Since then, Lee has branched out to shoot cities from all types of angles. “I started shooting more photos related to cities from different angles including street, architecture, skylines, and drones,” Lee tells My Modern Met via email. “Sometimes, I still go hiking, but the purpose is different than before. As Hong Kong is surrounded by mountains, it is easy to capture the skyline from the top of the hill. That is my passion for urban photography.”

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