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Israel should annex West Bank & give Palestinians full citizenship – President Rivlin

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Yes, this is the only solution. On the condition that Israel accepts to give back to Palestinians all the lands and houses stolen, plus damage money for the years of dispossession; and the right of return to all the Palestinians who are refugees in other countries; and also giving them back their lands and houses plus damage money for the years of spoliation and exile.
But Zionist genocidal hard-liners envision another more scandalous solution in such a state: the creation of Palestinian Reservations similar to the ones created by American settlers for American “Indians” after the genocide of millions of them… where Palestinians would be treated as an inferior race by those who believe that any non-Jew is similar to an animal.


Israel should annex all the occupied land it claims sovereignty over and grant full citizenship to those falling under its extended jurisdiction, President Reuven Rivlin said, apparently implying full annexation of the West Bank.

Speaking in the wider context of the controversial bill that has legalized the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories last week, Rivlin criticized the settlement policies which his country has pursued following the 1967 War.

Instead, the Israeli president reasoned that Israel should extend its full sovereignty over the land of “Zion” and claim lands Tel Aviv occupied in the Six Day War which includes the settlements within the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and within Syrian territory in the Golan Heights.

“I, Rubi Rivlin, believe that Zion is entirely ours. I believe the sovereignty of the State of Israel must be in all the blocs,” the president said, emphasizing that he was referring to the entire West Bank, the Times of Israel quoted him as saying.

Earlier this month Israeli lawmakers passed the so-called Regulation Bill which covers Israeli settlements and outposts built on private Palestinian land in Area C of the West Bank. Outposts, which are settler homes not approved by the government, are deemed illegal under Israeli law.

Pursuant to the new law, the settlers will be allowed to remain on private Palestinian land if they had no previous knowledge that it had been owned by Palestinians or were instructed by the government to build homes there. The law also envisages compensation for Palestinian owners, who will be paid a market price for their land but will not be able to sell it.

Commenting on the passing of the law Rivlin emphasized that “throughout the years, the State of Israel did not know how to exercise sense and responsibility and to implement sovereignty.”

“In east Jerusalem, Israel has exercised sovereignty and later, the Begin government passed the Jerusalem Law and then the Golan Heights Law. These laws established sovereignty, and thus set different rules,” the president said according to Ynet news.

“What is clear is that in order to prove that there is no contradiction between democracy and a Jewish state, it is important not to pass laws in places where we haven’t decided to exercise sovereignty. We must first decide what our position is regarding sovereignty,” Rivlin said addressing the B’Sheva Jerusalem Conference.


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