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Forgiving the Unforgivable: A Higher Level of Supraconsciousness

In this Sunday’s Gathering held in Okinawa, Japan, Rael Maitreya talks about happiness, how it is always new and how what made us happy yesterday, last week or next year doesn’t make us happy now. To be happy, we have to be in the present moment, as happiness exists only now. However, there are things that can destroy our natural feeling of happiness. Our words and actions can offend others, and that can create conflicts, leading to anger and sadness. Therefore, Rael Maitreyar teaches that love is forgiveness, and to be in a high level of supraconsciousness, one must forgive the unforgivable.

Rael Maitreya explains that to forgive the unforgivable is not something that most normal people can do. However, to be wise, one must forgive even the worst thing that can happen to them. For example, if someone steals all of their money, and apologizes the next day, most people would find that unforgivable. But a wise person would forgive them, not just say the words, but truly forgive them. Forgiveness is the ultimate act of love, and it is for both the people who offend others and those who get offended.

Furthermore, Rael Maitreya talks about how we are not perfect, and we make mistakes. There is no way to avoid making mistakes, and the only way to avoid making them is by doing nothing. However, we are not machines, and we need other people to be happy. Therefore, we must learn to communicate our love with others, even if we sometimes make mistakes in our words and actions. Apologizing is one way to express our love, but forgiveness is the true act of love, even in the face of the most challenging situations.

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