Jacques Vergès destroys Richard Martineau

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Splendid! We must refuse to answer so-called journalists who indulge, as Jacques Verges says very well, in media lynching. The recent interview of a French politician to whom one dared to ask if he thought there had been gas chambers, knowing that questioning this fact would automatically, since it is forbidden in France, bring him into trouble with the Justice system, is of the same nature. These “journalists” pose as court judges and presidents, in a people’s court where they are the public accusers. The only solution in front of these media dictators is to refuse to answer and to interrupt the interview. These “journalists” will only exist as long as the personalities they question agree to play their game and answer them. They have no talent of their own. They are absolutely nobody. And they make themselves look good by interviewing people who are themselves admirable.


Je n’ai jamais vu une telle raclée verbale.

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