Joshua Bell playing violon in the subway

Absolutely! These hypocrites and politically correct people who pay $100 to listen and applause this musician would not give him a dime on the street. They do not like the music: they just like being seen in a mundane event to expose their huge ego.
I remember a freezing afternoon in Montreal hearing suddenly wonderful Chinese music and I crossed the street to listen to a man sitting on the sidewalk, dressed like a homeless person and playing the Chinese violin named erhu with an incredible virtuosity while nobody stopped to listen or give him money except a few coins. I stayed a long time despite the terrible cold, then bought the CDs he was also selling. Then we talked and he explained to me that he was a political refugee and was trying to find a job and I told him to never give up and aim for the top as his talent was extraordinary and gave him a pamphlet about our Messages and $50 telling him that after a few years that would probably be the price I would have to pay to listen to him.
Two years later, I was traveling in the US and while in transit in an airport a very elegant Chinese man came to me and said, “Do you recognize me, I was playing on the street in Montreal and you gave me your support? I want to thank you again, now I am a full-time artist for the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.” And then he gave me his latest CD. Unforgettable! So take the time to listen to street artists and support them! One day, they may be performing in a show which ticket will be so expensive that you will never be able to attend it…


A man sat at a metro station in Washington DC and started to play the violin.

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