Italy’s Tiziana: Tragedy of a woman destroyed by viral sex videos

Her life was not at all destroyed by her video becoming viral. Her life was destroyed by the sex guilt Judeo-Christian education she received. If she had an open-minded sex free education she could have stand up for her sexual freedom and even promote and sell proudly her private videos! Many porn stars are proud of what they do and they are right! They even can become respected politicians like Ilona Staller also known as Cicciolina. ( ). And because of this terrible sex-guilt Christian education, she was afraid that her potential husband and children would see the video: in fact, being proud of it would have helped her find a partner who really loved her as she was, and these videos could have also helped her in time providing sex education to her potential children, like Finland sexual education in schools use this kind of videos. Nothing to be ashamed of! Freedom! Free yourself from the worst poison for your mind: the sex-guilt given to you by your Christian education! Sex IS beautiful!


It probably took no more than a few seconds for Tiziana Cantone to begin the sequence of events that led to her suicide.
In April 2015, the 31-year-old from Mugnano, on the outskirts of Naples, sent a series of sex videos to five people via WhatsApp. The recipients included her boyfriend Sergio Di Palo, with whom she had an unstable relationship.
The videos showed her performing sex acts with a number of unidentified men.
“She was beautiful but fragile,” remembers Teresa Petrosino, a friend for 15 years. “She was with the wrong people at the wrong time.”
The videos were soon shared and uploaded to several adult websites. The physical actions on the tapes did not stand out. But a single sentence from Tiziana Cantone did.
“You’re making a video?” she asked the man holding the camera. “Bravo!”
The words suggested an uninhibited young woman, who enjoyed being filmed during sex. By accident, the phrase gave viewers licence to watch the video without reservations: if she was so happy to be filmed, she wouldn’t mind them watching.
But Italians did more than watch. Users soon turned her comment into a meme-worthy punchline. Her image appeared on t-shirts and parody websites.
No-one seemed to worry what the subject herself might think as she seemed so pleased about it.
But this was a profound misunderstanding.

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