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The Elohim explain to us that they were created by a more advanced race of humans that were created by a more advanced race of humans and so on, ad infinitum. We are simply another link in the eternal cycle of life, and one day our scientists will travel to another planet and create life the same way the Elohim did on our planet.

The Elohim are not invaders. They have shown their desire to come, but they respect our choice to say no. It is up to us to invite them, and our invitation is the Embassy. It’s the least we can do.
Without the neutrality of an embassy, free air space and an official welcome, an unannounced and undesired landing would have enormous political, economic and social repercussions with disastrous consequences worldwide. Because Rael is their Ambassador on Earth, the Elohim will not endorse any government, religion or ideology other than the Raelian Philosophy. Therefore they will only come when their Embassy is built. Such is their love and respect for us.

Because an unannounced and undesired landing would be pandemonium and the world governments would view them as invaders, resulting in threatening retaliation by the military. The only way to avoid this disastrous scenario is to raise awareness of who the Elohim are and spread Rael’s message all over the world first. Only then can we envision the return of our Creators who love us and who wish to officially meet with our world governments so they can share their scientific heritage.

The Raelian philosophy is one of understanding rather than believing. This is precisely why Rael asks that we do not blindly believe him, but rather that we do our own research and then draw our own conclusions after reading his book, “Intelligent Design – Message from the Designers.”

What is written in Rael’s book, is confirmed and supported by all ancient religious writings, legends, traditions, as well as modern science. Evidence for traces of contacts between humanity and beings from another planet can be found throughout our history and on all continents. In addition, many of our scientific breakthroughs accomplished in the past several decades were bound to happen as mentioned by Rael more than 40 years ago.

Раелийн Хөдөлгөөн

No. The Raelian Movement is a non-profit organization that does not pay any salary to its members, including Rael. All members are volunteers who understand the magnitude of Rael’s mission and who donate some of their free time.
To ensure that money from the Movement is NOT used to pay a salary to Rael, there is a separate entity named, “Raelian Foundation,” which supports Rael financially. Raelians may make donations to this Foundation if they wish, but it is not mandatory.

As our society is still based on a monetary system, the Raelian Movement too depends on donations to fund its activities throughout the world.

Donations made to the Raelian Movement are used for our two main goals:
1) Inform mankind about the Messages given to Rael by the Elohim (flyers, posters, billboard ads, lectures, paying for the hosting of this website, etc.), and
2) Build an Embassy to officially welcome the Elohim.

As Raelians, we are atheists, which means we do not believe in a supernatural, impalpable God. We understand that when our ancestors talked about ‘God’ as a deity, they were actually speaking of a scientifically advanced extraterrestrial civilization referred to as “Elohim” in the Hebrew Bible, a word that literally translates to, “Those who came from the sky,” or “Sky People”, as Natives call them. Due to the lack of scientific understanding at the time we ended up with a world filled with superstition, mysticism, and delusion.

The Elohim, who are 25,000 years more scientifically advanced than we are, did not create the universe, but instead came to Earth at a time when it was lifeless and ultimately built huge laboratories to scientifically engineer all life using advanced genetic engineering technology. They started with simple organisms and eventually created human beings “in their image,” as stated in the bible—Genesis 1:26. Today, we live in the age of science and we can understand and accept the plausibility of such an extraordinary scientific undertaking.

While people who believe in God also believe that God is the Creator of the Universe, Raelians hold a different position. The Elohim were able to show that the universe is infinite both in the macrocosm and the microcosm. The concept of an infinite universe is difficult to comprehend for many because we are born one day and die another; hence it is easy to assume that everything around us has a finite nature. But in an infinite universe, there is neither beginning nor end. Everything that exists in the universe has always existed and will always exist.
Soon, we will travel to another planet to create life on it the same way the Elohim did for us and therefore we will become “gods” ourselves.

In the etymological sense, yes we do. The word ‘religion’ has been used, misused, and abused so much throughout the Ages that it is no wonder many people nowadays shy away from anything that is labelled ‘religion’ and would not touch it with a 10-foot pole. At the same time, many people have the wrong idea of what ‘religion’ really means and view it as a belief in a deity of sorts. The word ‘religion’ comes from the Latin word ‘Religare,’ which means ‘to create a link,’ whether it be a link between people, or between the Creators of humanity and their creation, or between humans and the stars, or between the Earth and the Sky, etc.

It really does not matter because the most important is to ‘create this link.’

Moreover, like Buddhism, Raelism is an atheist religion, which is to say Raelians’ do not believe in a ‘god’ because God does not exist. In the original Hebrew Bible it is written, ‘Elohim,’ (not ‘god’) which is plural and literally translates to ‘those who came from the sky.’

It is also important to understand that while Raelians do not believe in ‘god’, we still accept the notion that there are Creators and still recognize all the great Prophets of Old such as Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Buddha, etc.., who were all Messengers sent by our Creators, the Elohim, at different times throughout our history to guide humanity along the path of wisdom. When humanity is ready to welcome them with the love and respect that they deserve, the Prophets will return in the company of the Elohim at the Embassy we will build.

Yes, everyone is welcome to attend our informal Raelian gatherings. The main Raelian event is the annual Happiness Academy which takes place on each continent, sees our event section for further details.

Clonaid was initiated by Maitreya Rael in 1997 since human cloning is the first step towards scientific eternal life as described by the Elohim. In the year 2000, following a strong interest in the idea of human cloning by people from around the world, Rael decided to hand over the Clonaid project to Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, a Raelian Bishop, in order for her to start working on actually cloning the first human being.

Ever since then, Clonaid has been completely independent from the Raelian Movement. Neither Rael nor the Raelian Movement bring any funds to it, and they have no relationship whatsoever with Clonaid, besides their moral support concerning the cloning technologies. For more details visit clonaid.com.

The Swastika predates Hitler by thousands of years. It was used as a symbol of good fortune before Hitler hijacked it. Embedded in the Star of David, it’s the oldest symbol known to Mankind and is the symbol of the Elohim, our Creators. It represents infinity in time (Swastika) and space (Star of David).swastika_symbol

With their 25,000 years of scientific advance on us, the Elohim were able to scientifically prove that the universe was infinite in time—as represented by the Swastika where time is inversely proportional to mass—and space (macro- and microcosm)—as represented by the Star of David with both triangles pointing in opposite directions (as above, so below).
Learn the truth about this ‘good luck’ symbol at ProSwastika.org.

A Raelian is someone who publicly recognizes the Elohim as humanity’s creators. Each year presents four opportunities to do so through participation in a demystified Raelian baptism ceremony. The four designated dates are also official Raelian holidays: the first Sunday of April, August 6, October 7 and December 13.

The baptism ceremony takes place at 3 p.m. local time worldwide.

Active members are Raelians contributing to the organization’s goals and helping to transform this world in order to prepare humanity for the most important event of history – the return of the Elohim to Earth.

For more information on how to become a Raelian and/or an active member of the Raelian Movement, please contact the Raelian Movement of your country.

The Raelian Movement counts close to 100 Honorary Guides – men and women who are not Raelian but who, like Raelians, dedicate their lives to changing the world by reducing violence, denouncing injustices and government corruptions and exploitations, eliminating god-related taboos and promoting Human Rights. A complete list of Honorary Guides can be found here.

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