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Love Is the Key to Becoming Richer Than Bill Gates

In this video, Rael Maitreya shares his thoughts on the importance of love and how it can make us billionaires. At 73 years old, he reflects on the fact that he is still alive and appreciates it every day. He talks about his playlist of French singers, some of whom were his friends or very famous when he was a young singer, and how he listens to them every day. Rael Maitreya also talks about the fact that 70% of the singers on his playlist are dead, which reminds him of the fragility of life.

Rael Maitreya believes that the best memory we can have when we die is remembering love. He urges everyone to become billionaires of love by giving love. Rael Maitreya suggests that we can start by looking at people with love in our eyes and then using tools like touch and listening to show love. He emphasizes the importance of hugging and listening to other people, as everyone needs somebody to talk to. Rael Maitreya believes that by giving our eyes, ears, and hugs, we can become the richest person on earth in terms of love.

In conclusion, Rael Maitreya’s message is simple yet powerful: love is the most important thing in life, and by giving love, we can become billionaires. He encourages everyone to appreciate each day, to give love freely, and to remember that we can die at any time. Rael Maitreya’s words serve as a reminder to us all to cherish our relationships and to live a life filled with love.

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