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No longer a conspiracy: Reporter shows us the ‘convenience’ of an RFID microchip implant

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Very good! Ready to have one! No more wallet, no more credit card, no more medical records, etc… And in the future, it will be also a DNA ID card so nobody can impersonate you. When you have nothing to hide, you are not afraid of it.


For years believed to be yet another crazy conspiracy theory, human microchips are now making their way onto the market. The implanted Radio Frequency Identification chip, more commonly known as the RFID chip — thought of by many as the Mark of the Beast — is here, fully functional and ready for use.

What Is An RFID Chip?
An RFID chip is a tiny microchip, usually smaller than a grain of rice, which can hold around 2000 bites of data and can be inserted directly into your body. It serves virtually the same purpose as a barcode or magnetic strip on the back of a credit card and provides a unique identifier to that object. In the same way that a barcode or mag strip must be scanned in order to retrieve its information, the part of your body carrying the RFID device must also be scanned to work.

This device purports to take convenience to another level, surpassing the current cell phone technology which allows us to quickly pay for a cup of coffee or grab an Uber. In the near future the RFID chip could allow us to do the same, without ever needing to carry around any cash, credit, or debit cards. All this financial information could be accessed directly from your implanted RFID chip.

As of last October in the U.S., 1 in 5 payments at Starbucks were made through the company’s mobile app. And according to eMarketer, in 2014 Americans spent more than $3.68 billion using tap-to-pay technology. In 2015 that number reached $8.71 billion and by 2019 it’s projected to hit an astounding $210.45 billion. Apple CEO Tim Cook predicts that the next generation of children “will not know what money is.”

Alarming as this may sound, it’s entirely plausible; in just a short period of time the use of physical money has dwindled to the point of being a rarity, as it seems everything can be done more efficiently with cards. Cards also eliminate the worry of not carrying enough cash, or of having that cash stolen.

Check out this ad below, released almost 10 years ago from IBM.

To be honest, this does look pretty great. Just imagine: not having to carry around your wallet and various cards, not having to worry about having enough cash on hand — everything you need with you at all times.

Can This Technology Be Used Right Now?
Charlie Warzel from Buzzfeed News decided to find out. After spending a month with no wallet, relying solely on his cell phone for day-to-day expenses, he decided to try out the RFID chip and offered the following reasoning:

To hear Silicon Valley tell it, the broken-in leather wallet is on life support. I wanted to pull the plug. Which is how, ultimately, I found myself in this sterile Swedish backroom staring down a syringe the size of a pipe cleaner. I was here because I wanted to see the future of money. But really, I just wanted to pay for some shit with a microchip in my hand.


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