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Great message (referring to video, see link below) except for the judo-christian guilt about pornography and prostitution, which is a choice that should be made by women who want to do this and even enjoy it. It’s part of respecting women giving them the freedom to enjoy their bodies the way they wish, when it is THEIR wish.

Good intention but I don’t agree with it. I don’t see any reason for all conscious men, except for the wish to look „politically correct” to apologize for something they are not responsible for. I don’t see the need to apologize for the rape or tortures committed by some stupid barbarian men, I don’t see the need to apologize for the Arabic men forcing women to cover their face. Apologizing for these things is in fact accepting the idea that I could have done it.

Apologizing for it is denying my personality which has absolutely nothing to do with them. It’s in fact a sexist position seeing yourself as a man first instead of a conscious being. We conscious men have nothing in common with these barbaric men, the same way we have nothing in common with slavers of the past. In fact, I never saw any video made by white men apologizing for colonization and slavery. And there is no need for it. (Except for people who inherited the fortune accumulated in the past by their ancestors from slavery)

As we have nothing in common with these men of the past. But we should apologize NOW for doing nothing to stop Gaza genocide. We are alive ourselves and not committed by men of the past. That we should do because if we do nothing about it we are accomplice of it as it is happening right now while we are alive ourselves and not committed by men of the past.



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