RT lance une nouvelle chaîne francophone


Si vous voulez des informations différentes du lavage de cerveau des grands médias français.


French speakers will now be able to “Question More” with ease as RT’s global television news network has launched its French language channel, RT France.

The newest channel is dedicated to the French-speaking world, and will also be broadcasting in Belgium, Canada and the Mediterranean. It will feature a mix of news content, documentaries, debates, interviews and original programming.

Coming to you from a brand new state-of-the-art studio in the Boulogne-Billancourt broadcasting hub just outside Paris, RT France covers the local, regional, national and international stories most affecting the Francophone world. In line with RT’s “Question More” motto, the channel aims to shed light on the issues and points of view that have traditionally been overlooked by the mainstream French-language television networks and other media outlets. The channel’s content is also available online at rtfrance.tv.


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