Russia won’t be bullied by West

Absolutely true: “It is the West that views itself as the world, and the West is not the World.” Quote selected by me as reported by RT.  Out of 7 billion earth population, the US and NATO powers are a very small minority.

The West was hoping that sanctions and the falling ruble would force Russia to shift its policy, but Putin made it clear during his Federal Assembly address that Russia will continue its course, Mark Sleboda of Moscow State University, told RT.

RT:Some strong words yet again from the Russian president. What kind of reaction can we expect from the West?

Mark Sleboda: We can expect more of the same. These are not new words, they are just the reiteration that Russia will continue the course that it is not deterred by sanctions, it is not deterred by the buildup of NATO forces on its border, and it is not determined by harsh rhetoric from the West. Russia will stay the course and it will not change its foreign policy or sense of national interests because of Western aggression in either economic or military form against it.

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