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E.T.embassy Day

April 06

E.T. Embassy Day was created by Maitreya RAEL

to promote the project of welcoming an Extraterrestrial Civilization to Earth: the Elohim

Let's build an embassy to welcome our creators Elohim!

The Elohim are peaceful, highly advanced extraterrestrial humans who have visited Earth and interacted with humanity for thousands of years. In 1973, they physically contacted Rael and asked him to build an Embassy so they could officially return to Earth and land before the world.

UFO Sightings and Crop circles are signs that they are preparing us for official contact!

Daniel Turcotte
Project’s Director
Claude Chevey
Chief Architect
Steve Goldie
Project’s Planner

Our organization is ready to begin construction! Could the host country be yours?

For more information on this event in your area, please select a country: