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Paris prohibits the consumption of „laughing gas“ by minors

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Image credit: Marc Kjerland
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The City of Paris prohibits the consumption of „laughing gas“ by minors
The possession and consumption of nitrous oxide, or „laughing gas“, are now prohibited for minors in public areas, in many districts of Paris. This ban will be in effect until the end of July, according to a decree from the police headquarters which evokes „a worrying upsurge among young people“. The idea is to avoid the „trivialization“ of the consumption of this laughing gas among young people, indicates the prefecture.
„The misuse of nitrous oxide (N20) has been a phenomenon identified for many years, especially in the festive environment“, and „since 2019 has experienced a worrying resurgence among young people, sometimes outside of any festive context, accentuating the trivialization of its use“, one can read in the report of the prefecture. Used as an analgesic in medicine or in kitchen siphons, nitrous oxide, commonly nicknamed „proto“, is all the rage among young people for its short psychoactive effects, of the order of three to four minutes. It is inhaled most of the time via balloons inflated by capsules or carboys, frequently subsequently abandoned on public roads.

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