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Stäng denna sökruta.

International Day
of Happiness 

March 20th

The International Raelian Movement supports

the ”International Day of Happiness”

celebrated worldwide and endorsed by the United Nations.

The UN defines it as a day to be happy, but we, Raelians, think that happiness should not only be reserved for a one-day annual celebration. Instead, it should be celebrated throughout the year and, better yet, throughout one’s lifetime. 

According to the Raelian teachings, not only is happiness a decision but fostering a consistent and happy state of mind is conducive to increasing our social connection, that is to say, our connection to other human beings and thus, to the entire world.

Each year, and on every continent, Raelians from around the world come together to attend the Happiness Academy— a one-week spiritual retreat where you can learn how to be the best version of yourself, and how you can find your inner happiness and keep it forever. Throughout the week, you will experience the teachings of Rael—spiritual leader and founder of the Raelian Movement—and learn what science is discovering about happy people and human consciousness, and how you can cultivate your harmony and health through simple meditation techniques.

The Raelian Movement’s main goal is to build an Embassy to welcome our extraterrestrial creators, the Elohim. But first, we need to create a world where peace and happiness will allow us to celebrate our common humanity. 

World’s Events 2023


Online Sensual Meditation Session
Date and Time: March 18 (Saturday) 10:30 – 10:50 AM (UTC+9:00)



International Day of Happiness with Raelians

Date and Time: March 19 (Sunday) 2:00 PM (UTC+9:00)


Seoul : Dongdaemun DDP
Daejeon: Entrance to Uineungjeongi Culture Street
Busan: Street of Youth in Seomyeon

Feel free to check other events in your region

To support the International Day of Happiness” we hold festive events, meetings, and meditations around the world