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Meditate One Minute For Peace To Influence Humanity

Each year, on August 6, Maitreya announces the percentage of survival of humanity. It’s an information he receives directly from the Elohim, our creators and fathers from space.

Last year the percentage announced was 2%.

This year it is 4% ! As much as this can be good news, it also means we have 96% chances left to auto-destroy ourselves.

August 6 is the Raelian New Year. It was decided as such by Maitreya Rael in order to create a calendar that would not be based on a religion and in which the year ”0” would either be the date the UN was founded or the date marked by an important event for humanity. In this case, the explosion of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima (so that we never forget such horrible mistake). If the latter would be accepted, this means that for example the year 2020 (on august 6th) would, in fact, be the year 75 a.H. (after Hiroshima).

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