‘Systematically murdered’: Cancer-stricken Brit detained in Dubai describes ‘barbaric’ treatment


Boycott Dubai! How can there be a Formula 1 GP in such a barbaric country? Money cannot replace consciousness.


A British cancer victim claims he was being “systematically murdered by negligence and medical inexperience” while locked up in a Dubai prison for carrying “too much” of his prescribed medicine.

Perry Coppins, 61, was arrested in Dubai in November on the charge of possession and intent to use controlled drugs. He was only released and allowed to return to the UK last week.

The drugs were confiscated from Coppins despite his dependence on the pills in treating his Tourette syndrome, which he was diagnosed 21 years ago.

Maritime security officer, Coppins told RT the “withdrawal almost cost my life.”

Describing the fierceness of his symptoms, he said: “I went into a fever, I was sweating and woke up blind.”

Bent double by gastroenteritis, a symptom of the disease, he added: “I actually knew I was dying. I was totally convinced I wasn’t going to make it back to England.”

His condition was compounded by the cancer, which meant he “couldn’t even urinate.” His “agony” meant he was unable to walk.

Once fellow inmates brought Coppins’ condition to the guards’ attention, he was finally brought to hospital, where an urologist confirmed the tumor originally diagnosed in the UK three years ago.

But despite a local doctor confirming the medicines were vital to his patient, Coppins claims “none of the treatment was carried on in prison,” and that he was back to square one as soon as he was returned behind the “locked, steel door” of his cell.

He was kept in “barbaric” conditions, Coppins said, as he and fellow inmates were forced to eat off the concrete floor, gobbling the food with their hands and on top of plastic bags as the facility lacked cutlery and table cloths.

He claimed the prison was like a “racket,” where you had to pay an extortionate price for cigarettes and a sandwich.

That often left inmates in a starving condition, given the food provided by the detention center “wouldn’t sustain lives,” Coppins claims.


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