TikTok user kicks off stomach-churning ‘coronavirus challenge’ by LICKING toilet seat on plane in new low for Covid-19 hype

It may help her avoid getting sick as the more you expose yourself to bacterias and viruses the more your immune system becomes strong. Avoiding contacts with others and sanitizing everything around you make your natural defenses weaker. When there are pandemics, it’s a good time to increase our “Free Hugs” actions.


As the world self-isolates and engages in social distancing, social media influencers are more desperate for attention than ever before, including one woman who licked a toilet seat in what she called the “coronavirus challenge.”

Online ‘personality’ and avid TikTok user @avalouiise showed no fear as she leaned over what appeared to be an airplane toilet and licked the seat in the equal parts shocking and disgusting video.

Her video has over 296,000 views since it was posted on March 14, so while it appears she may have gone ‘viral’ as intended, many were left speculating how long it would be before she was infected for real by the Covid-19 respiratory infection with many invoking the spirit of Charles Darwin, insinuating that natural selection would take its course.

Some argued that Louise should be “arrested for encouraging ppl to get infected. WTF is wrong with her.” Others simply posted gifs of their horrified reactions to her clip.



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