Understand the electrolysis of water so as not to be fooled!

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💧 Understanding water electrolysis so you don’t get screwed!
Following the video that can be found on the net about water electrolysis, it was time to set the record straight. Respectful criticism is accepted.
Some people use fear to sell you osmosis or other water filtration devices.
It’s true that tap water contains pollutants but these videos that go around the net including tests of bottled water are totally to be dismissed.
💧 Why?
Because water contains above all minerals and during the process of electrolysis, the ions lose their properties and the reaction of all the ions will give such or such color.
If your water is ferruginous your water will have a reddish color in addition to the reaction of the components of the electrodes.
The best evidence to know if your water contains pollutants and to name them is independent laboratory tests and not college electrolysis.
💧 I invite you to read the article following a video that hangs on the internet with a young person who makes an electrolysis without understanding what happens and you will see that my video that dates 7 years ago optics and already the phenomenon of colors.
💧 Electrolyzed crystal water
Last thing, the electrolyzed crystal water is not polluted, it is as for any water containing ions (anions and cations).

YouTube This original video is in French. But you can find subtitles in many languages.


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