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3 Things to Ensure a Happy Life and a Joyful Departure

In this thought-provoking gathering, Maitreya Rael imparts profound insights about the human experience, urging us to live life without illusions and appreciate every moment. Sharing his miraculous survival story after a life-altering accident, he inspires us to strive for personal growth and be better versions of ourselves. Maitreya passionately declares that everything in life, from country borders to time itself, is but an illusion. He highlights the significance of true love, not bound by hormones or family connections, which can extend to encompass all of humanity and even the universe.

Throughout the talk, Maitreya reminds us that happiness lies in the present, although the concept of “now” is merely a fleeting illusion. Instead of anxiously yearning for the future, he encourages us to live in the present, laughing, singing, and dancing every second. By doing so, we prepare for a successful death – one filled with harmony and joy. Maitreya dispels the notion that modern medicine or science can grant eternal life, emphasizing that death is an inevitable part of life. He urges us to let go of fear and embrace our mortality, making the most of our time on Earth.

In conclusion, this insightful gathering teaches us to cherish the beauty of life and to prepare for a happy and contented death. By recognizing the illusions that surround us, embracing true love, and living each day to the fullest, we can achieve a successful life and a fulfilling departure.

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