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Eternal Happiness: The Key to Deserving Eternal Life

In this video, Rael Maitreya discusses the importance of happiness in our lives. He emphasizes that happiness is the most important thing and that life on Earth is a preparation for eternal life. He explains that eternal life is only given to those who are truly happy, not just a little bit happy, but really very happy all the time.

Rael Maitreya suggests that we train ourselves to be happy, and that when we do, we are preparing ourselves for eternal life. He points out that eternal life cannot be up and down, and that we must be in perfect happiness all the time. He also highlights that children are naturally happy because they have no past and are fully in the now.

The video ends with Rael Maitreya encouraging us to permanently enjoy the now to achieve perfect happiness. He suggests that happiness is in the now, and that we should focus on being fully present in the moment. This teaching is a reminder to us all that happiness is essential to our well-being and that we should prioritize it in our lives.

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