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How to Proudly Shine as the Light of Yahweh

Maitreya Rael celebrates the 45th anniversary of the First encounter, urging us to embrace the privilege of being born in this time and space. He shares the powerful message of receiving the light of Yahweh through the Message and how it makes us carriers of this divine light. Throughout the talk, Maitreya emphasizes the importance of feeling proud to be the light of Yahweh, no matter where we are or what we do. He urges us to carry this truth with us, even in challenging situations, and to boldly stand up and declare, “I’m the light of Yahweh on Earth!”

Maitreya emphasizes that our true identity as the light of Yahweh goes beyond societal labels or roles. He encourages us to find our unique expression of this divine light and to shine it brightly in the world. The power of silence and the way we carry ourselves speak volumes, allowing others to feel the presence of the light of Yahweh within us. Being ourselves and expressing the light of Yahweh unapologetically can evoke curiosity and wonder from others, and Maitreya reminds us to embrace this uniqueness without seeking validation from anyone else.

In the spirit of service to humanity, Maitreya explains that being a Raelian means being at the forefront of saving humanity and spreading the light of Yahweh to everyone, including those who might oppose us. He encourages us to be the shining example in our communities, radiating the light of Yahweh through our personalities, voices, and actions. By watching this video, you will be inspired to discover and embrace your true self as the light of Yahweh, shining brightly and making a positive impact in the world.

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