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How to Slow Down and Connect with Elohim in Everyday Life

In this insightful video, Maitreya Rael shares profound wisdom about love, our connection with Elohim, and the importance of slowing down in our fast-paced lives. He encourages viewers to embrace the love of Elohim within themselves, rather than searching for external signs. Love, he says, should be given without expectations, and we must learn to feel the presence of Elohim in every aspect of our being.

Rael reminds us of Elohim’s creations all around us, including the food we eat. He advocates for a slower, more mindful approach to eating and encourages us to appreciate the origins of our food, recognizing Elohim’s hand in their creation. By taking time to enjoy each bite, we can cultivate a deeper connection with Elohim and the universe.

Another essential message in the video is the importance of slowing down in all aspects of life. Rael advises viewers to meditate, practice conscious breathing, and reduce anxiety and depression through a more deliberate and relaxed approach to daily activities. By incorporating slow and mindful practices into our lives, we can find inner peace and a profound connection with Elohim.

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