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The Most Important Thing that Nobody Teaches: How TO BE

On July 4, 2021, 75 a.H., at a gathering held in Okinawa, Japan, Maitreya Rael reminded us that we are born to be: “Babies don’t think, they feel! But, parents, schools, education, teach them to think, to be the best at school, to learn as many things as possible: to stop being. Nobody teaches us to be. To use the supra-consciousness is feeling everything, feeling oneness with everything. There is another name for that: it’s love, which is pure energy”.

He goes on to say that “nothing” is the most important thing. That our brain can take control of our life and really let it live like what we were born for: to be. It just depends which part of our brain we use: the thinking brain or the supra-consciousness.

About that, Maitreya Rael said: “The supra-consciousness connects us to infinity, to everything in the infinitely large and in the infinitely small. Infinity is everything and nothing. And when you feel that you are nothing, you are everything, you are infinite. But, we also have the thinking brain, which cuts us from everything. When you think, you are disconnected from everything. Thinking is responsible for all the problems on Earth”.

Maitreya Rael concludes his speech saying: “Only by emptying your brain and your body and your being from every garbage, suddenly you become who you are: you are you. And you are pure energy: Feel it!”

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