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The Planet Of The Stupids

“Baka” is a Japanese word which means “stupid”. Hence the title of this video: “Baka Planet”.

On June 5, 2022 (76 a.H.), Maitreya Rael spoke about how Extraterrestrials view our planet, seeing all that is happening these years, as the planet of stupid people (“Baka”). That this is how our planet is observed by other civilizations from space as they pass by it.

Maitreya Rael retraces in this video the beginnings of his mission, and makes a difference between the reality and the illusions that come with the messages of the Elohim saying: “The Illusion is: We can change the world! Everybody is dreaming to change the world.

You dream when you meet somebody to change other people. This is a terrible mistake!”.

Maitreya goes on to explain that we (the raelians ) are not on this planet to change the world: “we are on the Earth to prepare, awaken people, for a new reality!”

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