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Who You Really Are

In this video Maitreya Rael goes through the different ways in which movement is life itself.

From our planet which moves around the sun, to the stars in the universe, to the rivers of blood in our body and the beating of our heart… to the tiny atoms and particles that compose matter.

And love is movement too, sharing from one person to another. 

Diffusing the Messages is also movement, and we need to move so as to make this Message known throughout humanity… thus the name of our organization, the Raelian Movement is very fitting.

To conclude his talk, Maitreya Rael reminded us that even the Elohim’s symbol of infinity is linked to movement in space and time. 

And their religion is related to movement too, the “Movement which transfers life from one planet to another planet, then another planet, the movement in the universe.”

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