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You Are Part Of Humanity’s Supraconsciousness

On this Sunday morning, Maitreya Rael spoke about a dangerous illusion that could make some Raelians lose their enthusiasm for the Messages: the illusion that we are not important because after 45 years we still remain a small minority. Yet, he considers that we are a big success, because success is not measured in quantity but in quality.

He then reminds us that humanity is like a baby to be born, and that whenever we meditate and use our supraconsciousness, we wake up the supraconsciousness of humanity. That’s why meditation is so important, and it’s also part of our mission.

Just like in a brain there are billions of neurons but only a tiny amount (the 0.0001%) belong to the supraconsciousness, so it is with the Raelians. They are able to feel this feeling of oneness with infinity, and with supraconsciousness everything becomes clear, you know why you are alive, you feel it and you ARE.

Maitreya Rael concluded his talk with these words, “We live the Message, only us devote our life to welcome the Elohim because we are the supraconsciousness of humanity. Enjoy it, feel how unique you are.”

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