‘Why would he fake it?’: Oliver Stone responds to allegations Putin showed him ‘wrong’ Syria video

This is very important and significant. As the ” journalists” are not free anymore, because the main media belong to the super-rich who control the world, and are only spreading the propaganda of the governments they also control, it’s time for courageous non-journalist independent famous people or movie directors to do the job that journalists are not any more free to do. We need more and more wealthy celebrities to do the same!


Renowned US director Oliver Stone has urged the media “not to trivialize” his documentary on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, after allegations emerged online suggesting that Putin showed Stone an American attack video while passing it off as part of Russia’s military campaign in Syria.

“He brought out a phone and he showed it to us, we filmed it and he said this was that. Why would he fake it?” Stone said at a press-conference during the Starmus science festival in Norway.

“I mean, the Russians did very well in terms of damages to ISIS in Syria, they bombed the s*** out of Syria and they did destroy the financial ability of the ISIS empire… I think that was the main point,” the director commented.

On Tuesday, allegations emerged on social media claiming that in one instance, the Russian president is seen showing a “fake” video on a smartphone to the director.

Putin was talking about Moscow’s anti-terrorist operation in Syria, but showed footage that, as social media users alleged, was of US Apache helicopters attacking Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, the issue was put to the director by a journalist from Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK), “There is a Russian blogger who says that [the video] is fake… What you say to that?”

Stone appeared to be annoyed rather than startled with the question.

“Listen, are you gonna start with this blogging bulls***? The bloggers say this, the bloggers say that, we are gonna be here all day… Are you gonna start into specific footnotes or what,” he rebuked the reporter, asking the media to engage “constructively.”

The reporter went on to suggest that such kind of response to the director’s work might demonstrate a “tendency in the media or used by other people to distract [attention] from real problems.”

“Yeah! It’s a four hour documentary, complete interviews, it was on in the United States, England, Germany, it’s going on in France, Russia, it’s having some impact, and it allows him [Putin] for four hours to speak in Russian to a Western audience, which has never been granted to him,” Stone said.


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