Women’s rights to be shirtless in public

Not only that but they make institutions change the laws! Now it’s perfectly legal in many places for women to be topless, for example in New York. So the laws are changing around the world to stop sexual discrimination: if men can be topless, women must have the same right. The problem is that some places put pressure on women not to enjoy this legal right. For example on Facebook in the name of “community standards”. So we get to a point where “community standards” are used in defiance of the law. Another problem is self-censorship when a woman decides to enjoy this legal freedom and goes outside topless, friends or neighbors say “ok it’s legal but you should not do it…” You SHOULD do it precisely because it’s legal !

“By defending the right to go topless for women, we are fighting against wars, we are fighting against poverty, we are fighting against child starvation, we are changing the world. It’s not by changing big things that we fight revolutions but by changing every day details. If men can go topless anywhere they want, then women can do the same. A peaceful future is a future led by women.”

Spiritual Leader, Rael Maitreya, Founder of GoTopless in 2007


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