Coronavirus: Serbia scraps curfew plan for Belgrade after protests

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The power of the People! Serbian are much less sheep than in other countries. I was not surprised that the French government ordered confinement: but I was indeed very surprised that the country which claims to be the nationhood of Human Rights and revolution obeyed this confinement order without protesting massively. If millions of french citizens took the streets there was no way for the government police to do anything: you cannot arrest millions of people. Instead, they obeyed like robots and stayed inside. When the final numbers will prove that the confinement was useless I hope french people will recover their great revolution spirit. The one which made them kill the king a few centuries ago. One of the yellow vest. For sure the next abuse by french authorities will be met by much stronger revolts and let s hope even revolution.


The Serbian government has scrapped a plan to impose a weekend coronavirus curfew in Belgrade after two nights of protests in the capital.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic announced more limited measures, including a ban on gatherings of more than 10 people.

President Aleksandar Vucic had wanted the curfew due to a rise in infections.

Human rights groups accused the authorities of a heavy-handed approach and urged restraint. Dozens of police and protesters have been injured.

Protesters are gathering again on Thursday evening but have been sitting on the ground in front of the National Assembly, BBC Serbian reports.

They say they want to distinguish themselves from violent groups that started clashes on the previous nights. President Vucic has blamed far-right nationalists for stirring up trouble on those occasions.

The first night of protests began peacefully outside the National Assembly on Tuesday evening but later turned violent. Crowds broke into the building, prompting police to intervene.

Thousands of people turned out for a second night of protests late on Wednesday, blaming the government for the spike in infections. Protests were reported in other cities including Nis and Novi Sad.

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