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Raelian Happiness Academy & New Year’s Eve in Romania – Summer Tour 2022 Over Europe

Paraul Rece (Predeal)


August 02 - 07, 2022

„Since ancient times, man has dreamed of being free. Physically and mentally. We humans today are left with the illusion of freedom, because we can physically go in any direction. But what about our minds? Is she as free as our body? What is happiness and how can it be achieved? Did you know that the war on TV is not as important as the one in your mind?

Come to the School of Freedom to discover the true being that is in you! ”This is what Gabriela Dolanska tells us, Raelian Guide, one of the organizers and the main speaker of the event that will take place between August 2 and 7, at the wonderful Vila Carina, located in Paraul Rece, just 7 km from Predeal.

And that’s not all, because the 5-day long meeting will include Raelian New Year’s Eve, along with other unique surprises, including a PRIZE CONTEST!

August 6 is the Raelian New Year. On this day, one of the worst crimes against humanity took place. On August 6, 1945, the US military dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, killing more than 100,000 civilians. Obviously, the Raelian Movement does not celebrate this; however, this act was an indication to Elohim (our human Creator of the Bible) that it was time for them to send their last Prophet and reveal their final Message to mankind. In other words, we have entered the age of the Apocalypse, because „apocalypse“ means „revelation“ in translation. Since 1945, humanity has been at the crossroads of using science and technology for either destruction or the benefit of humanity. If science was used for the common good, we could all soon be living in a real Paradise, here and now, on our common planet.

During this official Raelian Celebration, you can become a Raelian during the Cellular Plan Transmission (TPC) ceremony. This simple ceremony is performed free of charge by a Raelian Guide. TCP is an act of recognizing the Elohim as our creators and Maitreya Rael as their Last Messenger. The TCP ceremony clarifies the original meaning and intent of the baptism, but without any mysticism. You can also watch an explanatory video (also translated into Romanian).

The event, with international participation, will take place in English and Romanian, with translations from both sides, when the situation requires it.



Video Preview


Vila Carina

Wie kommt man dahin


GG45+7G Pârâul Rece, Romania


ila Carina este situata in localitatea Paraul Rece, judetul Brasov, la 6 km pe partea stanga a drumului de la Predeal la Paraul Rece, la o altitudine de 1050m.


Tuesday, August 2: 1.00pm – 8.00pm



We have the great pleasure to wait for you all in a fabulous location, namely at Vila Carina, located in the middle of nature, very close to Predeal (a very well known touristic place)!

Very interesting accommodation and meal offer for first-time participants(non-Raelians), regardless of age (below, in Description!)

More information about Villa Carina on their official website.
They have a fantastic level of reviews on Google, with 4.8 out of 5 stars, and in the following link you can watch the video related to the wonderful meeting we organized in Vila Carina in August last year

SPECIAL OFFER FOR ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS, for 7 people at THE FIRST PARTICIPATION, ie NEW ARRIVALS (provided they pay the advance and participate fully in the event), as follows:
For the first 7 newcomers, FREE ACCOMMODATION and MEALS are offered for the LAST DAY / NIGHT of the EVENT!

There are 10 double rooms, and in 6 of them a third person can be accommodated, if needed). The rooms can be taken also in single mode, but the price will remain the same (220 RON or 46 euros for a full double room per night).

It is forbidden for participants to bring food from home!

Smoking in rooms, restaurants, on the terrace, in the conference room or in groups where there are non-smokers is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Moreover, whoever violates this rule (if any), will lose the SPECIAL OFFER OF ACCOMMODATION AND MEAL!


The price is 110 Ron (23 euros) per person / day (with breakfast included). For lunch and dinner, the prices are around 10 euros / meal (the food is very good, compared to the price!). More food information coming soon!

To all this will be added a mountain rescue fee of 5 Ron / 1 Euro per day, per person, so 25 Ron / 5 Euro, which will have to be paid in CASH on arrival!

Wie melde ich mich an

VERY IMPORTANT! The registration office will be open on August 2 (so, great attention for those coming from outside Romania), between 1.00 P.M. and 8.00 PM.

For registration, an advance / deposit of 50% of the total amount of the 5 nights is required (RON 275- 56 Euro or £ 45), the registration deadline being July 26! The number of places provided in the Pension is 20 (with possible extension to 26)! First come first served! If the number of participants exceeds 20 (a maximum of 10 people), their accommodation is no longer guaranteed at Vila Carina (there is another location very close (50 m away), at similar prices), but they will be able to attend the event (with provided they eat at least one meal a day at Carina)!

Payment in euros will be made to Revolut account, IBAN LT85 3250 0576 2420 3435, BIC REVOLT21 or GBP, to Revolut bank account (linked to telephone number 0040763676661) number 07989393, sort code 04-00-75 (for UK residents ), and for the Romanian participants, the payment in lei can be made in the account ING RO58 INGB 0000 9999 0813 1377 or Revolut RO49 BREL 0005 5001 8326 0100, on the name Marinescu Toma Cristian, with the reference “Raelian 6 August”. For those who make a bank transfer (and do not pay by card), the Revolut account belongs to Lithuania (so be careful when entering data)! After making the payment, you can send us the proof on WhatsApp or Signal, at the dedicated number, 0040763676661, on Telegram (Tomi Spatial) or at the email address.

The remaining 50% (275 Ron, 56 Euro or 45 GBP) will be paid at the registration office (on August 3, between 12.00-20.00).

There is no registration fee for this event!

NOTE! The 50% deposit is only returned in case of extreme measures, such as the cancellation of the event due to the current geo-political situation, the ban on international flights or travel between localities, in the case of Romania!

You must be 18 years old to attend this event. Young people over the age of 15 are also accepted, but ONLY WITH THE WRITTEN AGREEMENT OF THE PARENTS!

Kontaktiere uns

Noch Fragen? Lass es uns wissen, wie sind da, um dir zu helfen!

„Du bist selbst für dein Glück verantwortlich. Wenn du dich fragst, warum du dich deprimiert fühlst, ist es an der Zeit, einen Moment innezuhalten und die verschiedenen Dimensionen deines Lebens zu betrachten. Wenn du all diese Dinge anwendest, wird sich das Glück mit Hilfe der Meditation einstellen.“

Maitreya Rael - Asiatische Happiness Academy – 68 a.H.

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Internationaler SexEd Day (Tag der Sexualerziehung)

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Mai 01, 2024

Der 1. Mai, der Internationale Tag des Paradiesmus. Während viele den „Internationalen Tag der Arbeit“ feiern und ihre Politiker um mehr Arbeit und mehr Geld bitten, feiern die Paradisten das Entstehen einer neuen Welt ohne Arbeit, ohne Geld und ohne Politiker.

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Monat der Aufklärung über die Klitoris

Mai 01 - 31, 2024

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Swastika Rehabilitationstag

Juni 22, 2024

Die Swastika ist eines der ältesten Symbole auf der Erde, man findet sie in allen Religionen und Traditionen, auf allen Kontinenten! Die Swastika wurde nicht von den Nazis geschaffen, sie verwendeten einfach ein bereits vorhandenes Symbol. Indem wir die Swastika mit den Nazis in Verbindung bringen, zollen wir nur den Ungeheuerlichkeiten dieses grausamen Regimes Anerk...

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Transport: The largest and closest airport is Henry Coanda, Bucharest (130 km from Vila Carina). Then there are trains from Bucharest to Predeal (7 km from Carina), and from there we will take you with our own cars. Or there will be chances to have our own cars at Otopeni Airport and bring you straight from there!

From Henry Coandă Airport there is a direct bus (number 780), as well as a very fast train (15 min) to Gara de Nord (Bucharest Main Station). Tickets are very cheap and can be taken directly from the train!

You can buy train tickets (Bucharest-Brasov) here.

Very important and interesting: in the price of the rooms (which are very spacious and high level) we will have the conference room (55 sqm), the games room (with billiards and ping pong)!

The price-quality ratio is fantastic, according to our humble appreciation!

For more information, you can call or write to us at any time, on WhatsApp or Signal, at the dedicated number, 0040763676661, on Telegram (Tomi Spatial) or at the email address email address .

We look forward to seeing you in August 🙂

P.S .: After the event, we can have the opportunity to stay another 2-3 days, for those who want a fraternity and an even greater connection. Please let us know in advance if you want this, in principle!