Happiness Academy in Oceania


1月 05 - 09, 2021

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"You are responsible for your happiness. If you are wondering why you feel depressed, it is time to stop for a moment and look at the different dimensions of your life. If you apply all these things, happiness will come with the help of meditation."

Maitreya Rael - Asian Happiness Academy – 68 a.H.

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Raelians’ planetary seminars and revolutionary actions in the world



2020/11/14 オンライン惑星平和瞑想

11月 14, 2020

国際的な組織である1MIN4PEACEより、オンラインで繋がり合う大規模な惑星瞑想への参加についてご案内申し上げます。 人類に平和と愛の波動を送るために、みんなで一つになって共に瞑想しませんか。 友愛という共通の精神のもと、国際組織の1min4peace.orgは、地球上のすべて...

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International SexEd Day

11月 20, 2020

Sex Ed Day held in November 20th, International Day for Children’s Rights. To ensure the recommendations issued by UNESCO experts, in favor of Comprehensive Sexuality Education from the age of 5, including masturbation, are respected.

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47th Anniversary of The First Encounter

12月 13, 2020

You are cordially invited to celebrate one of the major Raelian Holidays with us on December 13. It is the 47th anniversary of the first encounter that Maitreya RAEL had with the Elohim E.T. Creators in 1973. It is also a special day, an opportunity for those who want to publicly recognize the Elohim as our creators from space and have their DNA recorded through a Cel...

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Happiness Academy in Kama

Gniyga (Odziba)

12月 20 - 29, 2020

UNIVERSITE DU BONHEUR KAMA CENTRE – Odziba (Congo-M’foa) Happiness Academy Kama Centre Date: 20 – 29 December 75 a.H (2020) Location: Gniyga (Odziba);  100km from north of Brazaville Contact: CONGO Mfoa: +242 05 301 18 18 CONGO Kinshasa: +243 816 226 545 GABON: +241 06 81 30 09

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