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Manchester Arena attack: ‘We caused bloody chaos, not surprising there’s blowback’

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Absolutely true! And Western countries are creating new potential terrorists every day. When love, diplomacy, and respect of other countries by stopping to attack invade and occupy them under the disguise of bringing democracy or “fighting terrorism” will start, there will be no more terrorists.


Despite European officials talking about increased security measures, the region’s biggest countries are still on high alert, and attacks keep happening. Why does Europe remain so vulnerable? Will the situation change in the foreseeable future? RT discussed with analysts.

Manchester police have confirmed the attack at Manchester Arena on Monday night was carried out by one person using an improvised explosive device. At least 22 people, including children, have been killed by the attack at a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. Over 50 others were injured.

The threat level in the UK is regarded as ‘severe’ which means another attack is highly likely.

‘We need to think about our foreign policy’
Independent journalist Robert Harneis compared the incident in Manchester with the November 2015 attacks in Paris by Islamist militants on the Bataclan concert hall and other sites in the city.

“This is a similar attack on a soft target,” he said.

In his view, terrorist attacks have become “a new norm” for European countries because of “what they do” as part of their foreign policies.

“We need to be realistic: we go into the Middle East and North Africa and attack other people…We go to these countries, and we cause bloody chaos. It is not very surprising that there is blowback. We have to sit down and think about what our foreign policy is; why we are in these countries; is it necessary for us to be involved in all this mayhem in Syria and Libya, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and so on,” Harneis said.

The attack on Manchester happened on the fourth anniversary of the murder of Lee Rigby, a British soldier killed by two Islamist extremists in southeast London. Is there a possible connection here?

“These attacks tend to have those sort of links that are clearly intended to be symbolic. It can be a coincidence, but I don’t think so,” Harneis added.


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