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Meet the Sarcastic Fringehead

RAEL’S COMMENT: Looks like politicians before and after elections…  

Police officers on their backs from 11 years old !!!

RAEL’S COMMENT: If it would be about checking whether they are wearing a yellow star, it would be the same police officers doing it. Never forget that it’s the French police who arrested the Jews to turn them over to the Nazis …  


RAEL’S COMMENT: That is why we must have the freedom to refuse the mask.  

The life of roses

RAEL’S COMMENT: The true wealth of the Chinese culture… so refreshing in the midst of this Western “culture broth”… Here’s the Human created by the Elohim: for beauty, softness and refinement  

Australia should be ashamed & appalled by this video of police handcuffing a pregnant woman for posting an anti-lockdown message

RAEL’S COMMENT: Another revolting step for those who think that wearing a face mask is “not the end of the world”. IT IS the end of a FREE world.  

Eastern Pyrenees – It snowed on the Pyrenees this Sunday, August 30: the Canigó and the Puigmal are white!

RAEL’S COMMENT: Warming ???  

Live – Coronavirus: 7379 cases in 24 hours, “exponential” progression

RAEL’S COMMENT: For those who think that putting on a mask to go to the bathroom is not the end of the world … When we accept to lose a small freedom, we open the door to the loss of ALL freedoms. Those who refuse to wear masks are the …

Caged Congolese teen: Why a zoo took 114 years to apologise

RAEL’S COMMENT: Apologies are not enough. A huge amount of money should be paid to the country where he was abducted and to his family descendants.  

Rest in Peace. We will never forget

RAEL’S COMMENT: The scandal is that Facebook hides the photo as violent…  

US military base in Okinawa

RAEL’S COMMENT: The clear difference between the upper houses with gardens for US military people (occupiers) and the bottom housing of the Okinawa population…  

A positive test with no symptoms…

RAEL’S COMMENT: So, to put it plainly, a positive test does not mean that you are sick, but on the contrary that your immune system has prevented you from being sick!  


RAEL’S COMMENT: And in the meantime, some wear a mask…  

Covid – paranoia

RAEL’S COMMENT: Medically speaking, it’s called paranoid.  

Doing your research…

RAEL’S COMMENT: For all those who try to pretend to be “naturopaths” after reading some articles on the Internet. Never forget that to become a REAL doctor, it takes seven years of studying. I do say seven years!!!  

Melbourne woman choked by Victoria Police as she resists arrest for not wearing a face mask

RAEL’S COMMENT: That’s for not wearing a mask, even having a medical certificate proving she cannot wear one. Next is forced vaccination. Those supposed to protect citizens from criminals are abusing people. It’s time for a world revolution.  

Sophia Narwitz: Victimhood has become a cult that wants you to suffer forever. I know because I broke free of its grasp

RAEL’S COMMENT: Whatever happened to you in the past is not you now. You are, only if you are in the now. Not in the future, not in the past: just now. Trauma from past events is just self-maintained illusions and good excuses to avoid dealing with the only thing …

Blind submission to authority

RAEL’S COMMENT: The problem is not the marks on the ground but that people respect them! It’s called blind submission to authority and that’s the greatest danger! It starts with details and goes until the denunciation of hidden Jews… Everywhere there are such limits, I do not respect them. Yesterday, …

Regular training day for a baby elephant

RAEL’S COMMENT: All the elephants used in circuses, zoos, elephant rides, etc., are raised like this. By going to these places, you become an accomplice.  

US military celebrate the atom bomb with a cake, 1946

RAEL’S COMMENT: American cynicism  

One more prohibition

RAEL’S COMMENT: It starts with the mask and keeps getting worse as long as everyone follows bleating…  

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