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Doing your research…

RAEL’S COMMENT: For all those who try to pretend to be “naturopaths” after reading some articles on the Internet. Never forget that to become a REAL doctor, it takes seven years of studying. I do say seven years!!!  

Melbourne woman choked by Victoria Police as she resists arrest for not wearing a face mask

RAEL’S COMMENT: That’s for not wearing a mask, even while having a medical certificate proving she cannot wear one. Forced vaccination is next. Those who are supposed to protect citizens from criminals are abusing people. It’s time for a world revolution.  

Sophia Narwitz: Victimhood has become a cult that wants you to suffer forever. I know because I broke free of its grasp

RAEL’S COMMENT: Whatever happened to you in the past, is not you now. You are, only if you are in the now. Not in the future, not in the past: just now. Traumas from past events is just self-maintained illusions and good excuses to avoid dealing with the only thing …

Blind submission to authority

RAEL’S COMMENT: The problem is not the marks on the ground but that people respect them! It’s called blind submission to authority and that’s the greatest danger! It starts with details and goes until the denunciation of hidden Jews… Everywhere there are such limits, I do not respect them. Yesterday, …

Regular training day for a baby elephant

RAEL’S COMMENT: All the elephants used in circuses, zoos, elephant rides, etc., are raised like this. By going to these places, you become an accomplice.  

US military celebrate the atom bomb with a cake, 1946

RAEL’S COMMENT: American cynicism  

One more prohibition

RAEL’S COMMENT: It starts with the mask and keeps getting worse as long as everyone follows bleating…  

Anti-coronavirus software? McAfee claims he can’t get Covid-19, despite licking grocery carts and shoes

RAEL’S COMMENT: He is 100% right! I also lick the hands of Raelians at meetings as recorded in one of RAEL TV’s videos.  

Milgram’s experiment version 2.0 (submission to the media authority)

RAEL’S COMMENT: A must see! Faced with the totalitarianism that characterizes the media, we can see how important it is to train ourselves to disobey any order or directive that is contrary to our values. This applies to the wearing of masks, among other things…  

Questionable Muslim practice

RAEL’S COMMENT: Shameful and dangerous for the cervical vertebrae!  

Happiness is not an emotion

RAEL’S COMMENT: Absolutely true! Real happiness is a permanent state of calmness.   COMMENT : absolutely true ! Real happiness is a permanent calm state. Posted by Rael Maitreya on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The future is ‘CLEAR’ and it’s Dystopian: Virus hype ushers in a Covid 19-84 nightmare of restricted access

RAEL’S COMMENT: Only by mass non-compliance with the ‘New Normal’ can we get our old lives back.  

Never forget…

RAEL’S COMMENT: And they dare to compare it to Pearl Harbour’s Japanese attack… Pearl Harbour was a military base and all targets were military. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were cities full of civilians without any military targets.  

US Senate quietly approves $38 billion for Israel amid historic economic downturn

RAEL’S COMMENT: Soon there will be 100 million homeless Americans on food stamps… but supporting apartheid Israel is more important… That’s how you terminate an empire.  

Étienne Chouard summoned by the police

RAEL’S COMMENT: “Prosecuted for refusing to express an opinion in the country that proclaims itself the homeland of Human Rights”…  

Melbourne cops may now enter homes without warrant, after 11 people die of Covid – Australia, this is madness, not democracy

RAEL’S COMMENT: “This is an astonishing violation of civil liberties.”  

Bring on the ‘eviction tidal wave’: 40 percent of US renters face homelessness as landlords and tenants are encouraged to go to war

RAEL’S COMMENT: The USA will become a country of homeless people.  

Georgia Guidestones – mysterious instructions for the post-apocalypse

RAEL’S COMMENT: The most important modern monument in the world. If it was not made, I would have promoted to make one and with almost the same message.  

“Masks are muzzles”: demonstration against the wearing of masks in London

RAEL’S COMMENT: The defense of the Fundamental Right of anti-conformism is the main reason why one must absolutely refuse to wear a mask. If everyone wears it, one has to fight even more to have the right to refuse to wear it. What makes a being human, is his right …

The beauty of Japan!

RAEL’S COMMENT: The beauty of Japan! In many countries, especially France, they would have cut this tree…  

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