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Topless parade in NYC: See photos of the Manhattan march and rally

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“In New York, it has been legal for women to be topless in public since 1992″… but not on Facebook? It looks like Facebook “community standards” are very conservative. In a way, these social media are becoming hijacked by the most conservative and prudish people. Even if laws evolve to reflect the changes in society, they refuse it, while as new technologies they should be promoting the changes and not slowing it down. Let’s hope that some social media will replace them with a much more revolutionary state of mind.


Marking the 11th annual GoTopless Day, women gathered in Manhattan to stand up for their right to bare their breasts in public on Sunday.

In New York, it has been legal for women to be topless in public since 1992, but in several states across the country, it remains illegal.

Parades were held across the United States and in several international cities. In Manhattan, participants started on West 58th Street and Eighth Avenue and made their way down Broadway to Bryant Park.

Topless parade in NYC 2018: See photos of the Manhattan march and rally

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