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3 Ways To Meditate And Feel The Power of Infinity

In this video, Maitreya Rael explains to us that the best part of the Elohim’s Message is “infinity,” because by feeling infinity we situate ourselves at the same level as the Elohim, infinity being the highest and most powerful thing there is.

Yet, we should feel an infinity with humility, for we are dust, and infinity exists both in the infinitely small and in the infinitely large. The most humble we are, the closest we are to infinity. “We are infinity taking consciousness of itself.”

Rael also emphasizes the importance of looking at the Elohim’s symbol when meditating about infinity and describes the three ways in which the symbol can be perceived: with the thinking brain, which should be avoided because it judges instead of feeling. Secondly, with our body’s natural intelligence, in which all cells receive and feel the image that is perceived by the brain when looking at the symbol. And third, with our supra-consciousness, where we feel and become the symbol and one with infinity.

To conclude his talk, Maitreya Rael reminds us to look at things, at people, and at ourselves with our supra-consciousness, so as to feel infinity – which is love and oneness, because we keep forgetting about it and end up using our thinking brain, with the result that we become disconnected, stressed and unhappy. Equally important, we should also listen to our body’s natural intelligence which is part of the natural order, so as to avoid becoming sick and to preserve our health.

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