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From 1% to 2%: Rael’s Vision for Humanity’s Survival | Raelian New Year

In this insightful video, Maitreya Rael, the spiritual leader of the Raelian movement, shares a profound message during the Raelian New Year celebration in Okinawa, Japan. He expresses how the beauty of Okinawa reminds him of the Elohim’s planet, making it feel like home. Amidst the celebration, he takes a moment to honor the victims of Hiroshima, stressing the importance of never forgetting the tragedy and the need for an apology from the United States for their actions.

With a deep commitment to peace, the Raelians advocate for a world without nuclear devastation. They promote the powerful practice of meditating for peace, hoping to prevent further acts of terrorism and fear-driven destruction. This year’s celebration brings hope, as Rael shares the news that humanity’s chance of survival has doubled to 2% due to their efforts. Although a small percentage, it signifies progress and inspires them to aim for even higher survival probabilities in the future, ultimately reaching 51% and beyond.

As Maitreya Rael addresses the audience, he emphasizes the significance of unity and collective action. He encourages everyone to participate in the movement’s goal of achieving a peaceful and harmonious world, free from the looming threat of nuclear war. The video concludes with a call to action, inviting viewers to meditate together and work towards a brighter future for humanity. Through their efforts, they hope to one day see the day when the survival chance reaches 100%, fulfilling their ultimate dream.

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