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Geniocracy by Rael.  Government of the People, for the People, by the Geniuses
Paperback is Available
Geniocracy: Government of the people, for the people, by the Geniuses

“Geniocracy,” the 1st English edition of Rael’s classic work, allows a new generation to consider an ingenious worldwide solution to man’s biggest problems: war, hunger, poverty and the exploitation of genius under “mediocracies” backed by military might.
The solution, says the author, is geniocracy: collegial government by geniuses elected under a selective democracy. Such a system – revolutionary but truly just – would work for the good of all rather than just a privileged few, Rael explains.
After illustrating how geniocracy would work on various levels, he asks us to consider how scientific advances under collegial government by geniuses – geniocracy – would create a better world: one in which every person would be entitled not only to basic necessities of life but to an existence in which “the right to work would be replaced by the right to self-fulfillment.” Can geniocracy work? Rael asks only that you read this book and decide for yourself!

Paperback is Available

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