“The Earth is flat”: RT’s ‘Space 360’ leads to age old conspiracy accusations

The morning laugh… hard to believe some people still believe that the earth is flat…


There’s a lot of discussion around “fake news” at the moment, but it seems RT has found itself in the middle of a different type of “fakery.” RT’s Space 360 project has been accused of being faked. Why? Because the “Earth is flat,” apparently.

Such accusations were leveled after cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko said that the Earth was round during one the 360° video documentaries, which were recorded on the International Space Station (ISS), in collaboration with RT.

“You can see from here that the Earth is round – no elephants or whales holding it up,” he said, commencing a tirade of accusations, including “BS! Why use a fisheye lens to show convince people that the earth is round.that camera is twisting and turning everything in front of it. I personally don’t think that anyone believes this BS.”

Others hit out at the opening of each clip which shows the ISS orbiting the Earth, accusing it of being fabricated on a computer. For once the conspiracy theorists are right, kinda, because this isn’t actually a conspiracy.

The opening footage is actually computer generated, as it depicts a short clip that would be next to impossible to recreate, even with today’s camera technology.

Some viewers believed, however, that RT were trying to portray these shots as 100 percent real, commenting “I think the CGI at the beginning says it all really. An insult to humanity’s intelligence.”

“LOL LOL!!!!! Poor CGI even ‘Gravity’ the Hollywood movie seemed more real! Pathetic, proving again and again the Fraudulent NAZA [sic] and the points made by the Flat Earth awakening movement that we are not in space!“ another commenter said.

A number of viewers have asked if a space walk will be filmed using the 360 video in order to help verify that the cosmonauts are actually in space and not a Hollywood studio. RT hopes to be able to do this in the future, but for now this isn’t something we have scheduled. Don’t worry though, there will still be plenty of other videos to watch.

We can safely say that everything else viewers see after the intro is real. We’ll have to take the cosmonaut’s word for it but we also are happy enough that the Earth is round too. Our apologies to those thinking they had just blown the lid on one of the best kept secrets of our time.

For now, put your mind at ease and enjoy RT’s pioneering project which puts viewers inside the ISS, a safe distance from the lizard people back on Earth.


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