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Animals rule Chernobyl 30 years after nuclear disaster

RAEL’S COMMENT: Yes! Life can adapt to radioactivity! And the impact on nature is much less catastrophic than human overpopulation.  

“Eating instant noodles can make babies gay” claims Indonesian politician

RAEL’S COMMENT: The morning laugh!  

“We came, we saw, he died”: How Gaddafi was hunted and brutally killed

RAEL’S COMMENT: A great African Hero killed by colonialist France!  

“Post-Gaddafi Libya in chaos as Plan B was missing”

RAEL’S COMMENT: Libya is a name given by colonialist Italians, the country should be renamed Gaddafia in memory of this great pan-African hero.  

United States bars Russian monitors from presidential polls – elections commission

RAEL’S COMMENT: So the USA finds normal to “monitor” elections in other countries, but does not accept others to monitor its own elections…  

Police truck runs over demonstrators protesting US troops in Philippines (VIDEO)

RAEL’S COMMENT: All countries should expel US militaries.  

Syria First Lady Asma Al-Assad “rejected offer of asylum”

RAEL’S COMMENT: Disgusting efforts from Israel, the US, and NATO! They are really up to anything to create chaos in Syria. But thanks to Russia and China, they are powerless.  

“Cut beard or leave”: French high school student told his beard is ‘sign of radicalization’

RAEL’S COMMENT: More and more fascist France: all students should let their beards grow long as a solidarity sign over this scandalous discrimination. France should remember that many of its geniuses were wearing beard: Victor Hugo, Anatole France, Jean Jaures, Camille Pissaro, Auguste Rodin, Louis Pasteur, just to name some… …

Russian paratroopers depart to Egypt for first joint military drills in Africa

RAEL’S COMMENT: On the way to see Egypt joining Russia/China/India alliance? If that’s the case Israel will definitely be sandwiched and the liberation of Palestine may be close…  

Putin, Modi launch phase two of the Kudankulam NPP, sign military & economic deals

RAEL’S COMMENT: Wonderful!  

‘American exceptionalism as Rorschach test: Means anything you want it to’

RAEL’S COMMENT: Yes! And the USA is 5% of the world population, never forget that. It’s a dwarf pretending to be a giant.  

Crowded cosmos: Universe contains 2 trillion galaxies, 10x more than previously thought

RAEL’S COMMENT: They are still too primitive to understand that the number of galaxies is infinite in an infinite universe.  

Black US doctor’s anger at Delta Air Lines ‘snub’

RAEL’S COMMENT: Boycott Delta Air Lines until they force all flight attendants to follow anti-racist training and pay huge money to Black American organizations.  

Louis C. K. on wealth (video)

RAEL’S COMMENT: And he is 100% right!  

Debt ceiling: China calls for World to be ‘de-Americanised’

RAEL’S COMMENT: Absolutely right!  

‘Too broken to fix’: Civil rights groups seek to decriminalize possession of drugs for personal use

RAEL’S COMMENT: It should be everybody’s freedom to possess any kind of drug for their personal use. Even the inquisition SS-style custom US personnel should not have the right to ask if you have a prescription for any medicine you carry.  

Prescription for Gaza (video)

RAEL’S COMMENT: Now imagine that Israel was Palestine and that Gaza was populated by Jewish people: the whole world, USA first, would immediately intervene to end the siege and save this Jewish population living in a ghetto. Why does nobody move for the Palestinians? This is a double standard at …

Plans for first space nation “Asgardia” revealed, citizenship applications opened

RAEL’S COMMENT: This project looks beautiful at first sight but the 100,000 will be the 1% (who are in fact 1 for 100,000) who are searching for a safer place than their actual underground shelter to stay when the next world nuclear war they are preparing will start. You can …

Russia, India to start joint airplane & helicopter production

RAEL’S COMMENT: China/Russia/India’s axis (almost 40% of the world population) is taking shape dwarfing the US (less than 5% of the world population).  

1,000s march for peace, against NATO in Berlin

RAEL’S COMMENT: And they are right and all European people should do the same as in case of US/Russia conflict, it’s the European people who will suffer more, and as usual, except if it degenerates into a nuclear conflict, nothing will happen on US soil. On the contrary, the Americans …

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