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US “tests” Iran’s reaction to spy plane flyby, complains about “unprofessional” shootdown warning

RAEL’S COMMENT: US army is so funny: “unprofessional” to prevent a violation of its air space… What is unprofessional and dangerous is to test the air defenses of a sovereign country?  

Rogue Libyan govt vows to protect national wealth as West demands withdrawal from seized oil ports

RAEL’S COMMENT: “Rogue”? What was “rogue” was to attack and invade Libya and kill Kadhafi.  

Holocaust (sacrifice) – Wikipedia definition

RAEL’S COMMENT: The word holocaust means the sacrifice of an animal to honor a god. So it’s totally not adapted. Shoah (catastrophe) is more acceptable.  

Hundreds of thousands rally to push for Catalonia’s independence from Spain

RAEL’S COMMENT: Catalonia should be independent like all countries that are victims of imperialism and that were annexed by force, like the Kurd in Turkey, Scotland in the UK, Quebec in Canada, Corsica in France, and so many more.  

“We’ll never have peace”: Philippines leader Duterte wants to boot US troops out of country’s south

RAEL’S COMMENT: Yes! Yankees go home! And from everywhere around the world!  

Hunger drives US teens to swap sex for food, commit crimes – research

RAEL’S COMMENT: The US is becoming a third world country, with millions hungry and homeless while wasting the US money (50% of the US budget) to maintain the army and bases around the world. All American citizens should revolt against this!  

Over half of $1.2 trillion mass incarceration costs fall on families, communities

RAEL’S COMMENT: Time for a revolution in the US!  

Birth of a Nation gets standing ovation in Toronto

RAEL’S COMMENT: The real story of a real hero against the white enslavement of black people.  

Alabama cop who slammed Indian grandfather and was acquitted now back to work

RAEL’S COMMENT: The racist USA.  

Court denies Sioux tribe request to halt Dakota Access pipeline construction

RAEL’S COMMENT: They are the Palestinians of the USA. And they should resist more actively and ask for independent states.  

Move over Koch bros: Facebook co-founder pledges $20mn to Dems

RAEL’S COMMENT: Oligarchy and not at all democracy.  

US House adopts ’Sue the Saudis’ 9/11 bill

RAEL’S COMMENT: If Obama vetoes it, it shows who is paying him. They should also sue Israel.  

Kenyan Muslims can wear hijab at Christian schools – court

RAEL’S COMMENT: Excellent! Freedom! They should also allow topless students!  

Facebook U-turn over ‘Napalm girl’ photograph

RAEL’S COMMENT: That’s not enough, they should allow topless girls like many countries where it’s legal including New York City, or will they decide to show only women with burkas?  

L’Aziza (Clip)

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL :  Grande chanson contre le racisme. Je dédie ce clip à toutes les femmes musulmanes ou non qui décident, en France, de marcher ou de se baigner voilées ou avec un foulard. Et à celles vivant dans des quartiers à majorité nord-africaine et qui veulent porter une …

Falling in love hits the brain like cocaine does

RAEL’S COMMENT: Absolutely true! If you “fall” in love, that means you follow your hormones… but not if your love is based on supraconsciousness and not on hormones: not at all. That means loving somebody for his/her personality and not the shape of his/her body, the colour of his/her eyes, …

I guess even doctors who perform circumcisions need a way to practice…

RAEL’S COMMENT: Everybody should protest to Amazon and boycott if they keep it.  

12yo Irish boy takes on social media bullies – and 500k viewers now have his back

RAEL’S COMMENT: Any kind of bullying should be illegal and prosecuted as a crime. The worst, when I was at school, was seeing teachers closing a blind eye on it as if it was normal behavior. These teachers should also be prosecuted.  

‘People coming together’: Seattle Seahawks mull BLM-inspired team protest during national anthem

RAEL’S COMMENT: All black and “Indian” people in the US should sit down while the national anthem is played, as their ancestors were either colonized by forced or brought to the US through slavery. All sportspeople in the world should also sit down when the national anthems are played to …

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