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Giving Is Beautiful, But Giving The Possibility To Give Is More Beautiful

On July 3rd 2022 (76 a.H.), during a local gathering held in Okinawa, Japan, Maitreya Rael spoke about the fantastic powers we have: the power to give and the power of refuse.

Through anecdotes of his life, Maitreya Rael goes deeper, explaining the difference between being and having, between giving for ego or giving for real love, saying: “When you give to others the power to give you: that’s supreme love!” He then goes on to add: “Everything around us is here to help us to provide us with the possibility of giving love, because we are one.”

And to increase the feeling of oneness with everything, an harmonious sound of cicadas from outside has accompanied the beautiful words of Maitreya Rael, just so we can feel that we are not alone.

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