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The Magic of Singing: Gratitude to the Elohim through Your Voice

Maitreya Rael explores the profound impact of singing and its significance in expressing gratitude to the Elohim. Singing has been a universal language used by various religions to connect with the divine, and the Elohim gifted humanity with the most beautiful musical instrument – the human voice. Embrace your uniqueness and celebrate the joy of singing, as it becomes a heartfelt expression of love and gratitude to the Elohim. Whether you possess the skills of a professional singer or simply enjoy singing in the shower, your voice is a powerful way to connect with the creators and celebrate the gift of life.

Beyond singing, Maitreya emphasizes the importance of using our bodies to express love. By walking with love and making each step a caress upon the Earth, we foster a profound connection with the world around us. Dancing gracefully allows us to engage with life sensually, becoming one with our surroundings and expressing our gratitude through movement. Love lies at the core of our existence, and expressing it openly without expectations is the purest form of artistry. Let this inspiring speech awaken the beauty of love and singing within you, forging a genuine connection with the Elohim and cherishing the gift of life.

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