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New ISIS Video Said to Show Captive British Journalist

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A video that big media like CNN or BBC refuse to show because they believe their audience is not mature enough to have the “politically correct ” opinion their masters want you to have. Thankfully, YouTube is there…*

After a string of grisly execution videos, the Islamic State, or ISIS, on Thursday released video appearing to show captive British journalist John Cantlie delivering criticism of western media and governments.

*NB: Video 2 contains the first 1:10 seconds of John Cantlie’s speech as a detainee of ISIS. In 2021 we could not find this video in it’s entirety anywhere online except for this excerpt.


Video 2


دریافت حقیقت

پیام هایی که آفرینندگان ما هنگام برخورد بشقاب پرنده (UFO) با رائل در سال ۱۹۷۳ به ما داده اند را بخوانید!

رویدادهای دیگر

ما را دنبال کنید

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