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Amazing Walk on Christ the Redeemer

RAEL’S COMMENT: An amazing video….but what is especially amazing is that their Christ needs many lightning rods. Where is their ” god’s protection ” ? lol

Maitreya’s position about the Palestine-Israel situation

RAEL’S COMMENT: «Following the request of a few Raelians to have Maitreya’s position about the Palestine-Israel situation, Maitreya made the following statement:»

It’s time to consider restricting human breeding

RAEL’S COMMENT: absolutely !

Dear Woman

RAEL’S COMMENT: Great message (referring to video, see link below) except for the judo-christian guilt about pornography and prostitution, which is a choice that should be made by women who want to do this and even enjoy it. It’s part of respecting women giving them the freedom to enjoy their bodies …

OGM : une « super banane » pour lutter contre la mortalité infantile en Afrique ?

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Ce sont d’excellentes nouvelles à propos d’une utilisation positive des OGM ! Je suis impatient de les goûter !  

Snowden détient de quoi causer encore plus de dommages

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : C’est ce que tous les futurs lanceurs d’alerte doivent faire : diffuser leurs informations à des amis sûrs et secrets avant de révéler ce qui doit être révélé. S’assurer que toute tentative de les tuer ou de les priver de leur liberté provoquera automatiquement la diffusion …

Les Caraïbes demandent réparation pour les dommages causés par l’esclavage

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Ils ont parfaitement raison, et les pays africains d’où les esclaves ont été enlevés devraient également demander des compensations.  

Bienvenue dans le monde des plantes augmentées

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Encore une magnifique découverte qui prouve que, comme la modification génétique (MG) utilisée correctement, la nanotechnologie peut améliorer les plantes et les animaux. En fait, nous sommes tout doucement en train de devenir Elohim nous-mêmes.  

Gaza conflict: The hundreds who lost their lives

RAEL’S COMMENT: Even the mainstream medias start to show how Israel reaction is disproportionate.

China to start direct sales of fruit and vegetables to Russia

RAEL’S COMMENT: Wonderful cooperation. The only ones hurt by sanctions will be Europe and US. And they deserve it.

Celebrity promotion of charities ‘is largely ineffective’ says research

RAEL’S COMMENT: Wonderful research! Yes, “celebrities” are useless and purely a product of the capitalist media conglomerates trying to create new idols, another name for gods. It’s good to see that people do not need them to help just causes.

Assange stakeout has cost nearly $12 million

RAEL’S COMMENT: A waste of money which would have been better used to help homeless and starving people.

US resupplying Israel with ammunition even after condemning shelling of Gaza school

RAEL’S COMMENT: And the money goes to the weapons industry belonging mostly to American Jews, who make huge profits, and use part of it to lobby US politicians to make sure that they continue to provide financial aid to Israel, so they can buy more weapons and continue killing innocent …

‘If I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket’ UK politician roasted for anti-Israel tweet

RAEL’S COMMENT: All western media and politicians are constantly saying that Israel has the right to defend itself… but the Palestinians do not have this right! Are there any Palestinians forces occupying Israel territory? Isn’t occupation an act of war? Double standard at its worst!

UK shadow govt leader opposes Israeli invasion

RAEL’S COMMENT: A very interesting difference between US media talking about an Israeli “incursion” in Gaza while British rightfully uses the term invasion.

Gaza casualties mount amid fresh violence

RAEL’S COMMENT: There were way less dead civilians in Kosovo and the west was very quick to intervene. Why nobody is courageous enough to move and stop this? This double standard is a shame for Humanity.

Germany mulls using typewriters to combat US snooping

RAEL’S COMMENT: For important secret messages I always use normal post mail. It s paradoxically much more secure than anything electronic. Nobody has the right to open paper mail without a warrant and they have huge difficulties knowing who is the sender if you do not put sender s address …

Twitter uproar over photo of Israelis watching attacks on Gaza

RAEL’S COMMENT: They are transforming what was a concentration camp in extermination camps.

Palestinian and Jewish parents morn together

RAEL’S COMMENT: That’s the only way to go! The only way to save humanity! Because if we continue to apply the stupid Jewish bible rule ” eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, ” we will all end up blind and toothless.

Israel hits Gaza, 8 children reported dead

RAEL’S COMMENT: And nobody is moving a finger… but at the same time Ukraine gathers all NATO forces… and if it was 8 Israeli children killed by Palestinian rockets all the world would condemn these ” terrorists”… There was much less children killed in Kosovo and NATO intervened destroying almost …

برای لیست کامل پستهای انقلابی و بدون سانسور توسط مایتریا رائل

دریافت حقیقت

پیام هایی که آفرینندگان ما هنگام برخورد بشقاب پرنده (UFO) با رائل در سال ۱۹۷۳ به ما داده اند را بخوانید!

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